Chef Jim Noble

Chef Jim Noble chef jim noble

Vision Statement


Jim Noble Restaurants will operate in a spirit of excellence, that through our profitability, help to fund the Great Commission. Excellence Everyday!


Our mission is to operate restaurants in a spirit of excellence.  We are committed to being among the best in the world, operating approachable, friendly, relaxed, comfortable restaurants for all guests. We will serve great food, clean, simple, and reasonably priced.

Service is the key to our success. We appreciate our guests with sincere, professional, congenial and humble service.  We will strive to provide a great family-friendly working environment for our staff and seek out people of strong character o be part of our team. We will develop leaders of honesty, integrity and accountability; exemplifying Christian and Godly principles.

Through profitability, our restaurants will help fund the Great Commission.

Deuteronomy 8:18